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Accept payments on your website

Introducing SIBS Payment Gateway, a safe and complete payment solution that streamlines the checkout experience and increases sales by providing MB WAY, MULTIBANCO Reference or Bank Card (national & international) payment options.


Accept payments in your online store in a safe, easy and fast way, just by entering the customer’s mobile phone number


Generate MULTIBANCO References with validity management to the minute and fixed amount validation

Bank Cards

Cross-border card acceptance of the main payment schemes operating worldwide (VISA, Mastercard, MULTIBANCO, Union Pay and American Express)

Integrated tools

Accept MB WAY, MULTIBANCO or card payments on your online store through our plugins available for major e-commerce solutions.

SIBS Backoffice

Omnichannel online platform that allows total control and an aggregated view of your business. Get real-time information of all transactions processed by SIBS at the virtual and physical payment terminals of your entire chain of stores


SIBS Payment Gateway is a solution that guarantees security, as it counts on a specialised fraud management and control system that monitors, in real-time, operations originating from multiple networks and channels, seeking to minimise the impact on the end-user

Available at main banks

SIBS Payment Gateway is a solution marketed by and available at the main Financial Institutions operating in Portugal and widely recognised and trusted by the Portuguese

Complete payment solution for any business

SIBS Payment Gateway includes the best security protocols along with a variety of payment options features making it a complete solution for online businesses.

Two-step payment

A two-step process enables you to get the authorisation and capture the funds later

Recurring payments

Allows recurring payments through a previously generated Token

Bill Payments refund

SPG allows to make refunds of Bill Payments already carried out

Split Payments

Allow partial payments with one single authorisation

Backoffice Omnichannel

Access, in real-time, to the details of transactions, with an omnichannel view

MB WAY Purchases

Online store payments, with mobile phone number, which increases the opportunity for impulse purchases

3DS 2.1

Security protocol which allows authenticating a Cardholder during an e-commerce transaction, guaranteeing a secure online shopping experience

Plugin integration

Quick install and implementation on the main e-commerce platforms (ie: WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and Prestashop)

Ready to integrate with
popular e-commerce platforms

Accept MB WAY, MULTIBANCO or card payments on your online store through our plugins available for major e-commerce solutions.


Boost your business

Increase your sales with a complete Online Payment Solution that is:

Accept card payments (VISA, Mastercard, MULTIBANCO, UnionPay, AMEX)
Accept MB WAY payments
Generate MULTIBANCO references
Highly secure solution
Trusted by the main Portuguese financial institutions
Integrate with any online store

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