API Providers, includes banks, SIBS and other Partners. SIBS API Market started with banks to comply with PSD2, and will soon include other APIs.


Connected Financial Institutions

Find which Financial Institutions are connected to SIBS API Market and how they can benefit from the shared infrastructure managed by SIBS.
List of Institutions that are reachable through SIBS API Market:

What are the Benefits
for Connected Financial Institutions?

Availability & Security

High availability, scalability, security management aligned with international best practices

PSD2 Compliance

Connected Banks (ASPSP) comply with European Legislation (PSD2, RTS, GDPR, etc.) ensuring access for payment accounts

Cost Reduction

Investment and cost reduction through a shared platform

Which Services are available
to our Partners?

Consent Management

Support for TPPs and/or Banks manage the consent of end-users

Strong Customer Authentication

Support for Strong Customer Authentication methods provided by banks to their clients

Service Desk & Reporting

  • Billing, reporting and analytics
    for Banks and TPPs
  • Helpdesk for TPPs and Banks

API Life Cycle Management

  • Creation, publishing, maintenance and removal of APIs
  • Development and maintenance of a sandbox environment with high availability for TPPs to test APIs

Security & Fraud Management

  • Fraud monitoring services
  • Protection of backend systems


Companies wanting to encourage third parties to create value to their customers by sharing their core assets.
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