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SIBS API Market is a platform aimed at Payment Service Providers that includes a growing catalogue of APIs for payments, information and analytics solutions under Payment Service Directive (PSD2), as well as the MB WAY API which offers a simple solution to integrate checkout payments into online stores.

Our platform provides access to functional and technical documentation as well as a selection of APIs that meet the business needs of Payment Service Providers.

Why is SIBS API Market
the right option for my business?


Trust & security

SIBS brings into this platform the best in security and fraud prevention, combined with our experience in managing critical payment services



The APIs guarantee a one-time implementation for PSD2 compliance, reaching more than 95% of all the Portuguese Payment accounts



The integration process counts on a specialised Service Desk ensuring quick answers to your business-related questions or technical issues

Who can use the APIs


Fintechs and startups

Fintechs and startups that want to create value to their customers by using services provided by partner API providers

Banks and Financial Institutions

All banks or Financial Institutions interested in accessing the PSD2 APIs as a Third Party Payment Service Provider


Established organizations wishing to enhance their current business or expanding to new ones

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